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Our Affiliations - The Right Compound
An internet based social network, ‘rightcompound.com’ is the first and only website where you can see the top Saudi housing compounds all in one site. It offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and most cost-effiective ways for you as a prospective resident, to see various compounds from anywhere in the world. Their comprehensive platforms of listing of residences, as well as their brilliant team, are available to help you find the right location to match all of your needs and standards. Launched through an interactive platform ‘rightcompound.com’ is unique in its ability to provide an insight into life in Saudi Arabia via its member’s forums, where members can share their thoughts with others on their experience in different compounds and cities in the Kingdom.

The ‘rightcompound.com’ is owned by Treasury Properties Establishment, a business which is officially registered with the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, and that is firmly committed to its users and members ensuring serving their needs is at the forefront of their business objective. With easy searching tools, this portal allow users to find homes that meet their requirements from a list of compounds in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and other cities around Saudi Arabia even before they arrive to the kingdom in aim of assisting those who are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia and live there for some time, or those that are already residing in the country but are looking for a change.



Our Affiliations - Asteco
The Middle East’s largest real estate services company, Asteco was formed in Dubai in 1985, with Elaine Jones as the Managing Partner. Over the years, Asteco have become synonymous with quality real estate development, through their involvement in many of the projects that have defined the landscape and physical infrastructure of the region.

“Today Asteco is renowned throughout the region for its outstanding professionalism, service and an essential combination of local and international expertise. Asteco is the undisputed expert used by many of the region's top property owners, developers and businesses to fulfil their property requirements through the use of the latest technologies to ensure that owners and tenants alike can access the information they want whenever they want it.

Asteco's outstanding growth and diversification over the last two decades has developed a reputation for excellent customer service and local industry knowledge and experience. Asteco has built a strong regional network of offices and currently operates in; Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE (6 cities).