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Welcome Note

Welcome Note

Dear Client,

Welcome to Amana Properties!

We, the Amana Team, would like to personally take this opportunity to welcome you to Amana Properties, a company that is built on trust, honesty and strong working relationships.

I’m sure you will benefit in a number of ways from the power of the Amana Properties brand network and the market know-how we have gained over the years.  As a highly valued client I hope this website serves as good insight to the various tailored property services we have to offer you.

At Amana we believe on delivering an unrivalled modern service that will provide flexible and innovative property solutions to satisfy all your business needs.

We truly believe Amana Properties has great potential and that its services will benefit all those who take us on board.  Whether it be in the field of sales, leasing, management or consultancy, we strive to bring to the forefront a service that ensures our client maximum returns in the shortest possible time.

For now, we will leave you by saying at Amana we are immensely proud to offer you our total property services package and that it will be a pleasure to further discuss how we can be of benefit to your future business endeavors.

Wishing you every success!


Amana Management