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Our Background

Amana Properties is a new real estate brokerage company with 15 years experience in property know-how on both an international and regional level. The objective of the company is to bring international standards of property management and real estate expertise to the kingdom through capitalizing on both the increased demand for real estate services and the lack of professionalism being offered in the local market. Through offering a wide array of professional property services, we aim to be the most respected name in the marketplace for service and results for many years to come.

With experience in serving loyal clients who demand the best people, the right skills and the keenest local knowledge, we intend on raising the bar currently being accepted by today’s market. We are forever expanding our global affiliates which are supported by strong local networks in order to satisfy both the demands and requirements of landlords, tenants and the local market. Through constantly satisfying our clients’ demands, we can assure Amanas professional track record will remain.

We are committed to the Middle East market through offering our clients total property solutions and innovative strategies to ensure we always stay a step ahead of today’s competitive market. Most importantly, we believe in providing a service that offers our clients the highest standards possible