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Project Sales & Marketing

If you’re launching a new development you’ll want to make sure you have only the best sales and marketing services at your disposal. Project Sales & Marketing provides specialized sales and marketing expertise for select clients, launching the most exciting developments in the region. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we work closely with clients to co-ordinate the various sales and marketing operations needed to ensure a well-designed project enjoys the success it deserves.

Marketing Consultancy

Through consultancy and forethought, our marketing team will prepare a marketing plan and budget to effectively promote a project. From identifying and developing the all-important unique selling point, to producing an eminent advertising campaign and powerful marketing materials, we give your project the promotion that it needs. Accompanied by strong PR and event management, we ensure your project receives stand-out coverage and generates maximum exposure.

Sales Management

Your project sales team will effectively manage the sales, stock and pricing of the project, ensuring that a greatest return is received within the shortest possible time. We are able to formulate pricing, stock control and release strategies, financing and payment plans as well as advising on the most effective unit size and mix. So, no matter what you need to know, our project sales team takes care of every detail needed to enable your project to enjoy maximum returns. Using our extensive international customer database and sales networks we can then drive awareness of your project all over the world with the use of strong customer relationship management and cogent direct marketing campaigns.