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Residential Cleaning Service:

Cross a major chore off your list with our professional Cleaning Service. Our methodical approach to how we clean your home makes us the leader in residential cleaning. Following our strict procedures and method, no area will ever go untouched or unnoticed. Perhaps you have had a cleaning service in the past? After you give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations, you will immediately discover the Difference.
Our services are tailored to fit your needs. Our popular services include weekly, bi-weekly & monthly. Or, you can contact us the couple times a year you may need extra help around your house with your home cleaning solutions.
Because we do not use contracts with our customers, it puts you in control. It is the quality, consistency and reliability we provide that will keep you satisfied and using our service time and time again.
Our prices are based on many factors. We understand each home is different as are the cleaning needs for that particular home. Some factors that are based on the price of your cleaning would be the size of your home, the frequency of the cleaning scheduled, the different surface types in your home, if you have pets & many other factors as well. For this reason, this is why we will always meet with you first to tour your residence and get an understanding of all of your cleaning needs.
Commercial Cleaning Service:
Welcome to quality - making the image of your business shine!! Amana’s Cleaning Service offers commercial quality cleaning services to small businesses who are looking to enhance the image of their organization. Our unique approach to cleaning your establishment is called the ABC Cleaning Program. Simple yet thorough, it will ensure that no area gets overlooked. Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations and you will immediately discover the difference.
Having an establishment that has been cleaned with quality is the first start in delivering superior customer service to your clients. We are the team you will come to know and trust returning back to your organization however you choose to set up service - daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. In addition, we do not use contracts with any of our commercial accounts. It is our consistent quality service, reliability & customer satisfaction that will earn your trust to continue performing commercial cleaning for your establishment time and time again.
After touring your business, we will write up an estimate that will include two prices: the initial cleaning & the regular servicing price. No contracts, no fine print & nothing hidden. Enjoy the relief of knowing your establishment is being cleaned by professionals.