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Property Management

Acting on behalf of landlords, Property Management provides a complete tenancy management service that ensures your property is in great shape and that there is an excellent rapport between landlord and tenants. Looking after every detail, our Property Management services can be divided into two overlapping categories; Facility Management and Tenant Management.

Facility Management

This service focuses on dedicated property care, ensuring that your property is well maintained and all facilities are fully functional at all times. Ultimately, it is also intended to protect the long-term health of your building. After an initial appraisal, we will provide you with a report on your facilities which, where necessary, will include recommendatory advice on improvements. After the first inspection, we will arrange for the best maintenance and servicing of your property and its facilities. So whether it is plumbing, electrics, cleaning, or security, Property Management will take care of it. Furthermore, our quality assurance manager will carry out regular inspections to ensure everything is being fully maintained and serviced to the standard you expect. And the service doesn’t stop there; our team also offers help with financial accounting, asset inventory, management of warranties, banking, property insurance and marketing; making your property perfectly equipped for success.

Tenant Management

Taking good care of your property is essential. However, if tenants themselves don’t receive the same level of care then you’re likely to run into trouble. Thankfully, Property Management takes care of all matters relating to tenant welfare too, including; dealing with incidents, concerns or complaints, ensuring payment collection, and managing contractual issues such as lease renewal. With a complete lease management service, our team handles everything as smoothly as possible, ensuring the best landlord-tenant relations possible. In addition to these services, we provide guidance on all legal issues to ensure your obligations as landlord are met in full and advice on financial returns ensure you get the most from your property. And of course, throughout our management of your property, our team will be on hand at all times to resolve any issues that should arise. With us, your property is in safe hands.