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Whether you’re looking to find a place to lease or a landlord looking for tenants, Leasing can find you what you’re after. Our team of vastly experienced consultants ensures that both the needs of the tenant and the commitments of the landlord are fully satisfied. With a knowledge and understanding of leasing that is unsurpassed; Leasing will find you the best, fitting your specifications.


Our long and trusted relationships with local landlords mean we only deal with the best properties for lease in the region. Whether you’re looking for a villa or apartment, our staff can find you the ideal property from the huge selection we have available. Once a place has been chosen, our staff will then successfully negotiate and manage your rent, payment and any other additional terms required.


Whether you have one apartment or a 12-storey tower you wish to lease out, Leasing will find you tenants fast and efficiently. By working closely with the Marketing Division, we will give your property the exposure it needs. After successfully promoting a property and driving interest, we will then ensure that your property delivers optimum occupancy and maximum returns. With practical advice and guidance throughout the whole leasing process, there is no better place to lease out your property.